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A lady figure that never fails to inspire you, she’s charming not only outwardly but her heart radiated beauty from within! Audrey was born in Brussels and traveled across the continent leaving her trails of wisdom for decades to last. If ‘Roman Holiday‘ drifts you into a parallel universe of passionate love and ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s‘ makes you want to live fearlessly here’s how Audrey did it.


You shall overcome!

Audrey Hepburn In Love The Afternoon

Little do people know Audrey Hepburn suffered from Depression and Malnutrition during the Nazi occupation in Netherlands. So girl, if you’re the damsel in distress; you overcome it just like My fair lady‘ did!

Age beautifully, lady!

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From Givenchy’s muse to UNICEF’s ambassador, she always did the right thing.  She never let her fame over shadow her heart. Hepburn went on a mission to Ethiopia, where years of drought and civil strife had caused terrible famine, she stuck to her roots and always empathized with the children as she herself was provided with medical relief during World War 2. From glamour to glory to goodwill, Audrey Hepburn stole the show, even as she wrinkled!

Grabbing opportunities like it were a Victoria’s Secret sale!

Audrey never shied away from opportunities. She left no door unopened! An avid gardener, she worked on a TV series ‘Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn’ dedicated to gardening and let her hobby live. Let your hobbies and ideas grow with you, not die with you. Most girls believe it is normal to give up their quirky side of doing things because you’ve got to follow the wave. Girls, be the wave!

Guess what? Believing in fairy tales isn’t all that bad. But be prepared for reality too!

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LOVE – a word that makes us all cringe at some point. Because it’s either too vague, cliché, too overdone or too painful to talk about. What’s the definition of love? It simply means ‘a strong feeling of affection’. So why can’t you fall in love all the time? Why can’t you choose who you want to love? Because it’s not a bodily function, it’s your emotion. Something you don’t have to feel guilty about. Fall in love all the time. And let no guilt eat you, let no norm shame you! Audrey did it, so can you!

A beautiful dress fascinates everyone, woman!

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Hepburn’s classic style can have us shred our wardrobes to pieces. The classic, chic and debonair style is still enchanting. Dressing up right and elegant is the key. You’ve got to figure what suits you best and where thy comfort lies. It’s you that makes your clothes precious and not the other way around. A dress is a perfect accessory, you’re the star, treat yourself like one!

Some people dream of having a big swimming pool, with me it’s closets” – Audrey Hepburn


By Steffi Rose D’Mello

Twitter – @Steffi_Dmello

Instagram – dmello_steffi









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